Welcome Fash Dolls!

Greetings! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Gigi, by day I am an Assistant Buyer at Distinctive Apparel Inc working on a women’s apparel catalog, Chadwicks of Boston. By evening I am the fashion + lifestyle blogger behind Fashology. A fashion blogger working in the industry + blogging about it, I know what a concept.

Not going to lie I love Jesus + avocados but not nearly one as much as the other. I am a newly wed, first time home owner, + fur mum all of which happened in months of each other. I embrace being a hot mess + laugh at my own jokes. I am just your typical dunks drinking masshole trying to navigate thru this thing called life. Let’s collaborate, lift each other up, + adult together.

What is Fashology?

Fashion is a lot more than the clothes you wear. Your personal fashion style is developed based on your lifestyle + personality. Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere such as the arts, streets, nature, just a simple thought, the list is endless. Fashology is anything that inspires you! Check out my Fashology equation.

Investment Shopping + Fast Fashion = Fashology

For those who don’t know (totally okay if you don’t) investment shopping is spending more money on staple pieces like, a little black dress. When you spend more money on your garments they typically are better quality and last longer. Now, your wardrobe can’t be made up of entirely investment garments (unless you can afford it) but, in the fashion world where trends can come in and out probably faster than you can finish reading this page, why spend the money? The items that are “trendy” would be fast fashion pieces; you don’t want to spend too much money on these fun items but, they will jazz up your investment garments (your staples). No matter your size, body type, fashion knowledge, etc using a combination of investment shopping and fast fashion will create a wardrobe that you can be confident in.