Just a few Things About Tattoos

IMG_5182 As tattoo enthusiast I find myself from time to time answering many of the same questions regarding ink. I am no way a tattoo artist but an individual that has a few to say the least. Here we go.

Did it hurt?

Heck yes it hurt. A tattoo is permanent so a tattoo artist has to engrave your skin with a needle in some cases hours at a time. From my experience spots that have hurt the least include the base of my neck, wrists, and shoulder blade. My foot and ribs have been most painful.

FullSizeRender (4)Won't you regret it when your older?

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and still love it. I like to think I won't regret my ink when I am older but I strategically placed my tattoos so they are easy to cover up. Each piece of art means something special to me commemorating a certain part of my life. So no I won't regret them and even in the slight chance that I will, you won't know.

Will you be able to get a job?

Of course I will be able to get a job, I am employed now and am able to keep a steady position. I am not a convict, I work in an office. At first glance most people don't even know I have tattoos. As mentioned prior I have placed my tattoos so they are easy to cover if need be for a job interview. I am not ashamed of my tattoos by any means but I personally believe that I should keep them to myself especially for an interview. Luckily I am in a field of work that promotes self expression.

How did you decide on what you wanted? I could never like something that much.IMG_0895

Well seeing how I have a few there are many reasons why I got tattoos. My younger sister and I got the matching roman numeral III on the back of our necks to represents the two of us and our brother. It may seem stupid to others but seeing how both of our parents are divorced and remarried one thing that will always remain is the 3 of us. But I also know some people get tattoos just for kicks, to each their own.

Whether you are a fan of tattoos or not everyone is entitled to their own opinion. People with tattoos don't look at inkless people and say "Look at that person they have no tattoos, they are a weirdo freak." If they aren't your thing that's fine but one should respect another's life choice, but that's just me. Well I hope you enjoyed this! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below. Till next time.

Stay Sassy + God Bless xo

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