How to Utilize your Wardrobe for St.Patrick's Day

Hello, babes! I hope this blog post sees you well. This weekend is St.Patick’s day, what are you up to? Ricky & I are actually going away for a little rest & relaxation which will be super nice. But, some of you probably have way cooler plans like parades, bar crawls, 5k’s etc.

So, you want to dress for St.Paddy’s day but don’t want to buy something special or want to avoid getting pinched for not wearing green? Let’s face, it buying something cheesy to wear for one day can be fun but I would much rather save my $$ & wear something I already own. Below you will find FIVE different looks that are already in my closet, all of which incorporate green! Festive, cost efficient, & chic! What more could a girl want?

Look #1: These mottos leggings are so fun & edgy. I simply paired them with a black & white flannel accompanied by my faux leather jacket. Completing the look with a statement chain necklace & black booties.

Look #2: I brought out my olive maxi skirt which is super comfortable. This is outfitted with a stripe crop top, denim jacket, & scarf. Topping off the look with a fun hat!

Look #3: It’s going to be a whopping 41 degrees in my town on Sunday, maybe I’ll be able to show off a little ankle in this midi dress. This look is simple yet casual, completed with sneaks & a utility vest.

Look #4: I absolutely love this camo jacket! I literally wear it once a week. But I have paired it with a graphic tee, jeans, & wedges. If you have an Irish-esc tee-shirt it would be fun to put it underneath a jacket like so. Hoping the weather is warm enough where you are to wear open toes!

Look 5#: I am obsessed with my olive tencel overalls. They have become a staple in my wardrobe but these are also a great wear to show Irish pride in a fashionable way. Here I have them back to my espadrilles & an off the shoulder top but can easily go back to a graphic tee.

Well, beauties! I hope these 5 looks have given you inspiration to flip through your existing wardrobe to create a chic St.Patrick’s day look! It doesn’t have to scream “kiss me, I’m Irish” but it will definitely avoid you from getting pinched by some random stranger at the bar. Till next time!

gigi signaure black.jpg

Pattern Play

Nothing can brighten up your day quite like some fresh blooms! I am currently crushing on this pattern play dress! This floral & stripe number is from the catalog I work on,  Metrostyle. Did I mention it is under $50.00?!

I am a fan of mixing prints together but it can seem tricky. These prints work together because they are both bold & have common colors. There is also a lot of white giving the eye some relief.

Afraid of looking like a thrown together hot mess? Try staying within the same color family. Like I mentioned the prints pictured work because they both have black & white. The yellow brings a nice pop of color. Stripes are a good place to start because you can mix nearly anything with them. I never hesitate to add an animal print like cheetah. It can look lovely with stripes & window pane.

I think the most import thing to remember with mixing prints is to not be  afraid to take risks! If you look at yourself in the mirror & feel like you look disheveled take off what your wearing. Take your time until you find a combo you can feel chic in!

Well dolls till next time!

Stay Sassy & God Bless

Gigi xo

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