How to Utilize your Wardrobe for St.Patrick's Day

Hello, babes! I hope this blog post sees you well. This weekend is St.Patick’s day, what are you up to? Ricky & I are actually going away for a little rest & relaxation which will be super nice. But, some of you probably have way cooler plans like parades, bar crawls, 5k’s etc.

So, you want to dress for St.Paddy’s day but don’t want to buy something special or want to avoid getting pinched for not wearing green? Let’s face, it buying something cheesy to wear for one day can be fun but I would much rather save my $$ & wear something I already own. Below you will find FIVE different looks that are already in my closet, all of which incorporate green! Festive, cost efficient, & chic! What more could a girl want?

Look #1: These mottos leggings are so fun & edgy. I simply paired them with a black & white flannel accompanied by my faux leather jacket. Completing the look with a statement chain necklace & black booties.

Look #2: I brought out my olive maxi skirt which is super comfortable. This is outfitted with a stripe crop top, denim jacket, & scarf. Topping off the look with a fun hat!

Look #3: It’s going to be a whopping 41 degrees in my town on Sunday, maybe I’ll be able to show off a little ankle in this midi dress. This look is simple yet casual, completed with sneaks & a utility vest.

Look #4: I absolutely love this camo jacket! I literally wear it once a week. But I have paired it with a graphic tee, jeans, & wedges. If you have an Irish-esc tee-shirt it would be fun to put it underneath a jacket like so. Hoping the weather is warm enough where you are to wear open toes!

Look 5#: I am obsessed with my olive tencel overalls. They have become a staple in my wardrobe but these are also a great wear to show Irish pride in a fashionable way. Here I have them back to my espadrilles & an off the shoulder top but can easily go back to a graphic tee.

Well, beauties! I hope these 5 looks have given you inspiration to flip through your existing wardrobe to create a chic St.Patrick’s day look! It doesn’t have to scream “kiss me, I’m Irish” but it will definitely avoid you from getting pinched by some random stranger at the bar. Till next time!

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Falling in Style with these 3 Transitional looks!

Hello, lovely! It is my last few days in the motherland & we are soaking up every bit! I am looking forward to getting back to you guys recharged & ready to serve you up some fashion goodness! Anyway I wanted to show you 3 of my favorite fall transitional looks & why I think they work.

  1. Dress & Boots

    I feel like it doesn’t get any easier than a dress & boots to look instantly chic while trying to navigate through the seasons. This allows you to show a little leg but also stay mostly covered so you don’t freeze your buns off.


2. Cropped & Cool

If you know me you know I hate pants so I definitely utilize maxi skirts all year round. I pair this one with a crop top, denim jacket, perforated booties, & a nice fall hat. The denim jacket I can wear on or off like the scarf. The crop top just shows off a tiny bit of skin. The knot at the maxi allows me to breathe along with the perforated booties!


3. Sleeveless Sweater

The sleeveless sweater is underrated! I’m obsessed with this olive one. I paired it with my faux leather leggings, a scarf, & booties! The scarf is just the right weight to keep me warm if I get cold.

You probably noticed a trend here. Each look a little bit of skin is exposed. Not saying you need to expose your body for transitional style but it’s a balance. Spring/spring is all about bare legs & open toes. When fall comes we cover ourselves up. This transitional time can be difficult to determine what to wear. My rule of thumb is to have a balance! Give it a shot for yourself!

Well babes! I’ll be back in the states on 9/30! Talk soon!

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How to Dress in Your 20's, 30's, & 40's

Hello, lovely lady! I hope your week has been fabulous. Personally, I've been in a constant state of sleepiness. After work each day Ricky & I have rushed back to our church to volunteer at the Vacation Bible School. This week has been both exhausting & rewarding. With that being said I needed a little help from my friends for this week's post. I've partnered with a couple of my favorite blogger babes to help illustrate dressing in your 20's, 30's, & 40's! So buckle up, here we go!

Side note: my ifundomen campaign is still going on! If you contribute now till Sunday at midnight you will be entered to win a fun pair of earrings! Contribute here ! Thank you!



If you didn't know, now you know (did you get my Biggie reference?!) I am a 20 something. People always assume I'm older based on the way that I carry myself. I feel like being in your 20's the struggle can be real. You are transitioning out of college into the professional world. Your early 20's also look far different than your late 20's meaning in your early 20's you are freshly 21 most likely still whopping it up with going out tops etc. In your later 20's you are probably settling down focusing on your career etc. So how does one simply find balance between still looking fun yet put together? Personally I am a huge fan of off the shoulder tops. They are chic yet fun also a classy way to show off a little sex appeal. Another thing that I recommend is pattern play as in mixing patterns. If you stick to the same color pallet with your prints or add a pop of animal to a basic outfit you will instantly look put together yet fun. I think it is important to know when, where you are going, & who your audience is for certain looks. I love these overalls but I keep them to the weekend or casual Friday in the office. My crop tops are worn on the weekends along with my torn jeans. I would not walk into a meeting for work in those items. Well babes, I hope this helps you my fellow 20-somethings!



I can't tell you exactly when and where it happened. but recently it hit me. I. Am. An. Adult. Technically I have been an adult for 15 years now, but somewhere along the lines someone said I was able to be in charge. It is a strange feeling to know that you get to make the rules now when it comes to your life. So even though I can stay up past 9 PM on a weeknight (but who really wants to do that anyways) and eat ice cream out of the carton, there is still something I struggle with. Dressing. 


I don't know about you, but for me being in my 30's I find it more difficult to dress than I did when I was in my 20's and teens. 30-somethings are in this weird age gap when it comes to dressing and style. We don't want to look like we are still figuring out this thing called life. I mean we are.....but we don't want everyone else to know that. However, we also don't want to look like we are getting ready to retire down in Florida either. 


So what is a 30-something to do. Honestly, it's going to have be a lot of trial and error and A LOT of dressings rooms and returns. Now granted, I do find some pieces I like that are "appropriate" on Forever21 but the days of super crop tops are behind us. Speaking of crop tops, if you aren't ready to let that trend go just yet don't. You just need to find a way to style it in a more sophisticated and grown up look. I personally love a crop top with a high wasted pair of shorts or jeans. Just enough skin is still peeking out to say you still got it. Add a nice fitted jacket and a pair of wedges or block heeled sandals and you will be screaming trendy but chic and sophistication.

Something else I think everyone woman in her 30's should own is at least one great jumpsuit. Again, this is an area you have to be careful with when it comes to fit and fabric choices. You can walk a fine line from bad ass boss babe and "lady of the night". I love a jumpsuit with a culotte pant or a wide leg pant. Also don't be afraid to still play with colors in prints in your 30's. If you like all black that's wonderful, but don't think because we are a little older we still can't add pops of color, or even color all over. If you couldn't tell, I love color and patterns. I actually own very little neutral pieces. 

In the end remember these three things; first it's going to a lot of work on our end to find what is going to work and what isn't; second you can still enjoy trends that you use to, you just need to find a way to make that piece more sophisticated and adult like; and finally we can still play around with color and prints in our 30's, again it's all about finding that balance between what you like and making it more sophisticated. 

Jamie Madden

Founder of The Plus Size Diva



HI! I am Nikki From Bayberry and Main. I was so excited when Gigi asked me to collaborate with her on a post about Dressing yourself at different ages. I am a 40 something woman with a  preppy style. I love wearing anything gingham and monogrammed. The best way to dress is to first figure out what your style of dress is. Next, I would figure out what clothing shapes look good on your figure. You can figure that out by  trying on different pieces. I know I look good in an aline dress because I have a bigger tummy area. I also know I need either petite or regular pant length because I am only 5’2 and 1/2” tall. One other thing I know is more flowy tops don’t look as good on me because I am bigger busted. I would say I never really dress for my age I dress for whats in style and what I like. I will say I would never wear a crop top because I know that is not age appropriate. But otherwise, I feel no holds bar and everything is fair game if it looks good on you. I hope this helps and happy shopping.

Well fash dolls I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. HUGE thank you to Jamie & Nikki for collaborating with me! Girl power is a beautiful thing! Till next time!

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