Lovely Leggings



Leggings have evolved throughout history. When Lycra was invented in the late 1950's leggings became popular because they were seen as a pull on and go garment which was comfortable but often looked shaggy or baggy. Leggings were seen in retail stores again due to the popularity of Flashdance and the exercise craze in the 1980's, the trend eventually faded. Making a comeback once again in the early 21st century leggings seem to be here to stay.  There has been great improvements in both fabric and design making leggings a desirable wardrobe piece by many.

One could argue that leggings are not for everyone but, when worn properly no matter your shape or size you can certainly work it! Leggings give a narrow look on the bottom which should be balanced with a flowing top. Dressing can be a balance act. When you are wearing a top with volume you should balance the bottom with a straight leg or fitted tops can find balance with a wide leg pant. Pictured is my favorite pair of leggings found in my wardrobe, I usually wear mine with tunic tops and completed with either combat boots or ballet flats.  I highly recommend that when wearing leggings the top garment should come to mid thigh covering your rear end.

Leggings have become a staple in women's wardrobe. They are very versatile because they can be dressed up or down and worn year round. I invested in the pair of leggings featured because I knew I would wear them often. If you wear leggings frequently I suggest investing in a solid pair of "go-to's" while, having a less expensive pair or two in your wardrobe. Leggings are available in a variety of colors and can have embellishments like buttons, studs, or zippers. This pair includes a sheer stripe which gives them a touch of sass. Leggings are a fashion item that everyone should have, investing in a good pair is a wise decision because they will last. They are a garment for any shape or size just make sure that your proportions are in check and that your covering your behind. Dip your toe in the fashion staple by purchasing a less expensive pair first. Whether your wearing your leggings lounging, to work, or on a date have fun and rock it!

Stay Sassy xo

Leggings {Sympli the Best found at Daisy Riley} Faux Leather Jacket {Forever 21} Tunic {Found at Accessories the Show in NYC}

Scarf {Nordstrom Rack} Boots {Roxy at Macy's}

Falling for Maxi Skirts

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Maxi skirts are like crotch-less yoga pants except they exude elegance. I have always loved the maxi skirt (or dress) look and felt that I could never pull it off due to the fact that I am vertically challenged. One spring day I found myself at an Express taking a fashion risk, I had purchased my first maxi skirt. These skirts are chic yet comfortable and to your surprise can be worn year-round. As customers we invest money into our clothing; I believe that we should get the most wear out of these purchases. Pictured is my maxi skirt and t-shirt, an outfit typically worn in the warmer months with sandals. Here I transitioned my beloved maxi for fall by pairing it with my military green jacket, scarf, and wedged heels. Layers are important for the fall, the mornings can start out frigid and end warmer than anticipated. To bring your maxi thru the colder months add a cardigan, jacket, or accessorize with combat boots or ankle booties. Prevent cold legs by wearing tall socks or tights, nobody will be aware you have them on and you'll stay toasty warm. The maxi skirt is a versatile item to have and is a new wardrobe staple. The wearer has the ability to dress it up or down based on the occasion. I hope that those who don't have a maxi discover one that fits their fashion personality and those that already own one find these tips helpful to get their moneys worth!

Happy Dressing! Stay sassy xo

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