How to Dress for a Formal Event

One of my best friends went to a military academy for her college years. During her time there she had met her now husband. At this academy they had many formal events one of which I had the pleasure of attending. Since I started blogging every time I would see them he would remind me that I should write a post on how to dress for a formal event. So here we go.

What is a "formal dress"?

A formal dress is typically an elegant floor length evening gown. This one pictured I have worn as a maid-of-honor  to a wedding and as a date to a formal dinner. This dress is classic making it a timeless piece.

DSC_0647-3How to choose the perfect formal gown for you?

As mentioned prior a formal dress is typically floor length. I have seen some stunning hi-lo hems but it is important to know your audience where you are attending this formal event. Next make sure that it flatters your figure! This is extremely important because you want to feel comfortable and not self conscious during the event. Also, make sure that you aren't too exposed. A good rule to stick to is to show off one part of your body. This dress is strapless so seeing my shoulders is definitely enough skin. Maybe you want to go with a dress with a deep v make sure your front is covered. You aren't going to club. Color wise I would always suggest black or jewel tones. Rich reds or deep blues would make for a lovely gown. Not barbie pink.

What about accessories?DSC_0627-2

Once you have your dress it is time to accessorize. Make sure you don't over do the jewels. I am wearing a chunky pearl necklace here and could add a subtle bracelet. I could put my hair up and wear chandler earrings in which case I wouldn't need the necklace. I would suggest bringing a shawl incase you get chilly. Always bring a clutch to carry your phone, money, keys, a lipstick, etc. Lastly the shoes, make sure that you wear a pair of shoes you can stand and dance in all night long. You should never take your shoes off at a formal occasion. At some weddings the couple will provide flip flops but if you are at a formal work event keep your dancing shoes on. I repeat keep your shoes on.

Well these are my suggested tips for dressing for a formal event. Where ever you go get yourself dolled up and have fun! The holiday season is always filled with fun events. I always enjoy getting all dressed up from time to time. My next formal event is Ricky & I's wedding!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays whatever you celebrate enjoy this season with your loved ones.

Stay Sassy + God Bless xo





How to Dress Your Plus Size Body

Greetings lovelies! I was asked by a reader to cover how to dress for plus size so, I invited the fabulous Miss Chanelle to give us some tips! I hope you enjoy her article :) Stay Sassy xo Gigi

Hey curvy girls! Dressing your plus-size body means either accentuating your curves, or creating a slimmer silhouette. You may have been told, full figure women can’t wear prints, horizontal stripe tops, or bright colors – I say, why not break all the “rules!” Many women out there may think it is difficult dressing for your voluptuous curves, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, it does takes a lot of persistence and trying on clothes - but hey, that’s the fun part! Fashion of the plus size industry has advanced tremendously in the last five years – there are so many styles, designers, and ways to dress. You just have to know and understand your body shape and what works for it. There are different body shapes and styling requirements for full figure women, but just like straight size body types, there are four common shapes in plus size women – hourglass, rectangle, apple, and pear. There are other shapes that are used to define your body type, but we’re going to discuss the most common ones:



The most well balanced, proportionate body shapes around. Think of Marilyn Monroe (who was a size 14, by the way) – full bust, small defined waist, and a full round bottom. Women with this figure can wear just about anything, with the exception of loose tops and dresses. Your figure can get lost if you do not choose the right pieces. You want to aim for more structured and classic cuts to define your figure. Curve enhancing dresses, structured jackets, peplum tops, and pencil skirts are your best friend.



This shape can look a little boxy and boyish. The bust and hips are the same size while the waist is undefined. For women with this shape, the goal is to find clothes that create a curvy figure. You want to go for asymmetrical cuts, peplum tops, cinched-waist dresses, and wide leg pants / jeans. And don’t feel too shy on color either – since your body is proportionate, go crazy with bold prints and colored bottoms.



The common characteristics of an apple shape are large chest, slim legs, and most of your weight is distributed in your stomach and top half of your body. Creating a waist is the main objective here. With the right clothes, you can create an hourglass shape, drawing attention away from your full middle area. You want to go for skater dresses, empire waist shirts, A-line skirts, V-neck tops, and skinny and boot cut jeans. Also, placing a belt at the smallest part of your waist can achieve the shape you want.



This is the shape we all have seen throughout the plus size fashion industry. Designers are using many pear shaped models to showcase their pieces. Pear shapes have narrow shoulders, small defined waist, wide hips, and thick thighs. Balancing your upper body with your lower half is key. Shoot for fit and flare dresses, printed tops, A-line skirts, high waisted pants / jeans, and long blazers and jackets. Because most women have a hard time finding bottoms to fit their waist-to-hip ratio, belts are necessary!

No matter what shape or size you are, go out there and work with what you got! Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. We now have celebrities, models, and bloggers who have shown us the way! I mean, I totally get it – dressing for your body type can be challenging, but don’t let that stop you for showing off your curves! Show off your waist line, show some skin, and be daring!

Stay beautiful <3 Miss Chanelle

Score in Style



One day I had found myself along side my other half as we commuted home, he had left work and I had just finished a day of classes in Boston. He had picked me up at the train station and waited till I settled into the car to ask me a very important question, "Would you want to go to the Bruins game?" I replied, "Of course!" as if there were no other answer.

The date of the game drew near and my inner tomboy was jumping with excitement while, the fashionista in me was scrambling to decide on what to wear. I obviously was not going to attend this game in my Sunday best but, I wanted to look presentable. There is nothing wrong showing up to a game in a jersey and jeans, I personally tend to have a difficult time with dressing down. The outfit pictured is exactly what I wore to the game! I had to show my Bruins pride with this graphic tee shirt and paired it with the faux leather trim cardigan, creating a fun yet fashion forward look. To complete the ensemble I wore skinny jeans and brown boots. I love cross-body bags because they give you hands free movement (one hand for a beverage, the other for your phone).

Dressing for sporting events can be more than just a jersey and jeans. I suggest showing team pride with a graphic tee shirt but, giving the look a fashion edge with a blazer, cardigan, cool pants, or a funky shoe. The choice is yours based on your personal fashion style. Whether you will be in the stands at a football, soccer, hockey, or basketball game make sure to score in style!

Stay Sassy! xo

PS. Check out this photo of me with my mister at the TD Garden! (photo from my IG @gigi_fashology) We had a fun night :)

photo (18)