Winter Wonderland Essentials


Happy spring! What better way to celebrate than with some snow flurries; like we haven’t had enough already. If you live in New England you are fully aware that it looks like a winter wonderland. Despite the fact that we are now in “spring”, there is no denying that a winter coat is an essential for the colder temperatures. Since we are in a season transition it is the ideal time to purchase your winter coat for next year (and the tail end of all this snow). Typically retailers will put the left over cold weather gear on sale in an effort to get rid of this merchandise before bringing in new spring products. February and the beginning of March is usually the slowest time of year for retail stores, in an effort to generate business retailers will send out coupons or incentives to get you, the consumer, into the store. Watch for these coupons in your email inbox because you can score some pretty sweet discounts.


Preparing for a winter apocalypse doesn’t mean you have to look like Randy and Ralphie from A Christmas Story, bundled up till you can barely move. I picked up this houndstooth coat at Macy’s a few years ago and I find it fabulous yet functional. I paired it with this red scarf for a pop of color. There are a variety of cold weather coats available to you that will fit your fashion personality while keeping you warm. Other accessories other than the coat and scarf appropriate for cold weather months include beanies, ear muffs, gloves, or mittens. As I mentioned prior, there is a plethora of different styles, fabrics, and patterns available to you in all the items mentioned. The idea is to get cold weather items that reflect you while still keeping you warm, which is top priority. Purchasing a winter coat is an investment but you can find a good deal around this time of year.

Well dolls thank you for swinging by! Good luck finding your winter wonderland apparel and keep the faith! The warmer weather is on it is way!

Stay Sassy xo

{Coat+Boots-Macy's} {Sunglasses-Ray Bans} {Handbag-Michael Kors}{Jeggings-American Eagle}{Scarf-Gifted}{T-Shirt-Charlotte Russe}

P.S. The mister and I have found a venue and date for the wedding! I might be sharing that with you soon :)

What is your Fashion Personality?

Welcome to my first post and how appropriate that I start blogging during New York Fashion Week! The first step to creating an awesome wardrobe for yourself is defining your own Fashion personality.  As individuals we have personalities that define who we are, our behavior, and what we do. Believe it or not our closets like, people have personalities of their own. Fashion personality is the way you express yourself through clothing, defining your personality will give you guidelines for when you are out and about shopping for wardrobe additions.  There are 4 main personalities 1.Sporty 2.Classic 3. Dramatic 4. Natural. I have styled a little black dress (investment piece) to illustrate each FP. IMG_9395IMG_9383IMG_9387IMG_9390

Sporty: I paired the little black dress (LBD) with Converse Chuck Taylors and a denim jacket. People that normally fall under this category are outgoing, enjoy being active, and tend to be spontaneous. The clothing choices typically include denim, t-shirts, khakis, and comfortable shoes. Someone sporty leads an active lifestyle, what they do for work most times reflects this. They could be a trainer, coach or, physical therapist but, whatever their wearing allows for flexibility to endure spontaneous adventures.

Classic: Here we see the LBD topped off with pearls and nude pumps a very simple yet, timeless look. A "classic" is traditional, responsible, and organized. You can see a classic wearing a black pencil skirt, cashmere cardigan, dark denim, and black pinstripe jacket and pant suit. An individual that carries these fashion characteristics has a wardrobe consisting of mainly staple pieces that they have invested in. The classic look is not focused on the current trends.

Dramatic: My dramatic look is show stopping typical for this personality. The LBD is covered by a tie-dye sheer overlay giving the dress a completely unique look, the ensemble is completed with black peep toe wedges. A person that displays the dramatic personality tends to be bold, resourceful, and seeks change. They will be spotted wearing bright colors, animal print, bold statement jewelry, and fitted clothing. A dramatic individual wants to stand out and they come off trendy. This personality is all about sharing their individual expression.

Natural: This look seems effortless with the scarf draped over the shoulder and finished off with neutral booties. Naturals have authentic and trustworthy personalities, take them as they are.  They will be caught wearing flare leg pants, neutral colors, cotton tops, and favor the relaxed fit. They desire easy dressing and will fuss with nothing, if it is complicated they will not buy it.

IMG_9398Minor Fashion Personalities include:

Ingénue- youthful and innocent

Alluring- sexy, stilettos, V-necks, red lipstick

Eclectic- unexpected, always changing and carefree

Romantic- feminine, lace, and bows



IMG_9400How do you arrive at the definition of your fashion personality? Evaluate your lifestyle, individual personality, and budget. Say you work in cooperate America it is not appropriate to wear sneakers in the work place so, you may have one pair for the weekends where as someone that is a sports coach will have a few pairs of sneakers. If it helps write it down: what you do for work, how often do you need to be dressed up, do you work full-time or part-time, how much time to you spend at home? Asking yourself these questions will help you answer your fashion personality. Keep in mind that you do not have to be a slave to one specific category, maybe you are a combination of things which is alright. This is an expression of who you are and it is designed to give you a direction when you are out shopping because it can be overwhelming.

Well dolls, I hope this has helped and that it has been as enjoyable for you as it was for me. Remember to stay true to who you are, embrace it, and work it.

Happy Sassy Saturday!

xo Gigi

PS. No matter your fashion personality I highly suggest that you invest in a Little Black Dress. I have illustrated in this post many ways to wear your LBD, dress it up or down it is a staple.

I got mine at Daisy Riley in Plymouth, MA (where I work) it was $99.00 and I wear it all the time!