Hair Curling Tutorial

Happy Monday Fash Dolls! I get asked a lot on how I curl my hair. Well here is a step by step tutorial.

Tools: Hair clip, hair brush, blow dryer, & curling iron

Hair Products: It’s a 10 leave in product & hair spray

  1. Put nickel size amount of "it’s a 10 product" in your hand & apply to ends only.
  2. Blow dry hair
  3. I first break my hair into sections: top & bottom as it is layered.
  4. Begin to curl bottom layer. I use the curling iron clamp for this part as my hair is shorter in the back. Use hair spray.
  5. Proceed to curl sections of the top layer. This layer I do not use the clamp & twirl my hair over the curling iron.
  6. As I complete each section I hit it with some hair spray. Continue to do this till your entire head is full of tight curls.
  7. Once all of my hair is curled  brush them out for soft curls.
  8. Give you hair one more spray and you are done!

I hope this helped! Till next time dolls!

Stay Sassy + God Bless!

Gigi xo

Tasteful Tulle



 It was Christmas time last year and a brunette had found herself longing for the perfect tulle skirt. She couldn't find one anywhere that had the quality and price she desired. The brown haired girl forgot about the skirt for a while until she got engaged. That brunette was me and I knew that for my engagement photos I had to get my hands on a tulle skirt. I finally found one at Tobi.

Now buying something for just one occasion isn't my style or financially responsible. I am the type of shopper that likes to get the most for my money. The outfit pictured is a tasteful way to wear tulle. I paired it with this chambray shirt, pearls, & awesome BCBG heels. I would wear this out to dinner with friends or restyle it for a holiday party. I also plan on wearing this to my bridal shower. Tulle can give off a romantic and feminine look. Give it a shot for yourself! Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw. How ever you decide to style your tulle don't forget to always express who you are. Fashion is fun don't be afraid to try new things.

Well dolls till next time. Check out this photo of how I styled the skirt for Ricky and I's engagement shoot.WIL0089

Stay Sassy xo

{Shirt-Forever 21, Skirt-Tobi, Shoes-BCBG, Clutch-DSW, Sunglass-Rayban, Watch-Michael Kors}