Set Yourself Apart


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Fall does not offically start till September 23rd so there is still time to wear those sleeveless tops. Chilly? Throw on a denim jacket, layers are key during this transition in season. Set yourself apart with a fabulous clothing set! This set is from Ann Taylor Loft and I absoluelty adore it. Although bought seperately these pieces work together or with other garmets making it a versatile ensemble. Anything you can wear with other items in your wardrobe will give you more bang for your buck. This tank would look awesome with boyfriend jeans and heels. While the skirt would work back to a basic tee and scarf. Each piece features a chic lazer cut design brining them together.

Sets are hot right now and can instantly make you look put together. There are a variety available and can easily be found at any store. When I bought this I happened to stumble upon it. I fell in love with the skirt first thinking that would complete my purchase until my mum (my shopping buddy) showed me the tank. Give it a shot! Find one tailored to your liking and your personal style. Don't forget to express your fabulous self.

Well dolls until next time! Happy shopping :)

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{Set-Ann Taylor Loft, Watch- Michael Kors, Wrap Bracelet-Rush, Necklace- Daisy Riley, Sunglasses-Rayban, Shoes-BCBG}

Wanderlust 1

1717 Happy New Year, welcome to Fashology 2015! I am elated to start a New Year with infinite possibilities. This month I am going to visit one of my dearest friends in Los Angeles. This adventure inspired the 2 serious post, Wanderlust. Traveling can be a wonderful experience, packing not so much. I have compiled a list of helpful tips that can be used for business or leisure. Enjoy!

201. Know your Destination and Itinerary

This may seem basic but it is key to prevent over packing. Research your destination's weather. It is important to know what weather to expect because this will determine what clothing you will be bringing. When visiting New England during the winter one would bring heavy clothing like wool and denim. Since I am visiting LA the weather will be 60/75 degrees which means I can bring lighter clothing and a denim jacket. Knowing your itinerary is also important. This is a list of things that you will be doing throughout your trip. A traveler planning on going rock climbing would wear active gear while a business trip would consist of professional clothing. I love to make lists and if you are anything like me I would recommend  making a list of everything you plan to bring; clothing, accessories, shoes, and toiletries.


2. Clothing Selection

If you are also anything like me you will experience the urge to bring your entire wardrobe "just in case". These tips are designed to suppress this feeling. With the research completed in the first tip choosing the clothing to bring should come easier. I would suggest for every bottom bring at least two tops to go with it. To prevent wrinkles and create more space in your luggage I suggest rolling your outfits together. To avoid over packing stick to a versatile color story, I like to pack neutral garments and colorful accessories to give my travel ensembles a pop of color. These accessories typically include scarves and jewelry which are an easy pack.


3. Shoes and Undergarments

I know you probably just read that title and thought shoes and undergarments, what an odd combination? Let me explain. Instead of packing your shoes in another bag, line them along your luggage.  This will eliminate extra bags and will still give you room for your garments. Socks and other things store inside your shoes! Another fabulous space saver.


4. Hanging Organizer

I highly suggest that everyone invest in a hanging organizer. This one is Vera Bradley but other brands make them as well. It was definitely one of my smartest purchases. My hanging organizer contains my toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, hair supplies, hair tools, make up, and other toiletries supplies. Even when I am not traveling I hang it on the back of my bathroom door to stay organized.


Well doIls I hope that you enjoyed these tips and tricks. Stay tuned! Next we will be covering what to carry in your carry-on and how to dress for on an airplane.

As always thank you so much for reading. Safe travels!

Stay Sassy xo

Thirsty for Sangria



"Sangria, an exotic red that evokes a sense of glamorous adventures and faraway destinations..." (Pantone)

Sangria is smooth, fruity, and delicious; making it one of my favorite drinks. Not only is it an enjoyable beverage consumed by many, it happens to be a chic color that is making a splash this fall. According to the world's color authority, Pantone, Sangria is one of the "it" colors for fall. This beautiful deep red does not wash you out and looks great on most skin types. To give you some inspiration, pictured is a variety of clothing pieces in the latest color trend. Want to give this shade a taste test? Interested in playing with Sangria but, feel a little hesitant experiment with accessories. I would suggest trying a scarf, statement necklace, earrings, tights, or a handbag! When wearing Sangria colored clothing you can accessorize with either silver or gold jewelry. This color is rich and perfect for fall. I dare you to give Sangria a fashion sip!

Stay Sassy xo

PS. Thanks to Kendall, Nikki, and Kendra for joining me in this photo shoot, you ladies killed it! Another giant thank you to Chelsea of Chelsea Lowe Photography for always capturing the vision!



Dress to Flatter your Figure

At some point everyone experiences discouragement when out shopping for clothes. I am sure you have felt that it is you or your body but, its not I promise. The key to avoiding this feeling is to know what works on your body and what does not. Personally, I have a difficult time finding clothes. I am 5'2 have busty girls and a booty so, many curves packed into such a short person giving me a  short torso. I hate pants because they fit perfect around my thighs and booty but, are too big at the waist. I know that I could never wear a bra-less style dress or top due to the fact that my girls need support. The fact of the matter is, I know what I have to work with and how to dress my figure to flatter my assets. In this post I used myself, 2 of my closest friends, and my sister to illustrate 4 different body types and how to dress them.

1.IMG_9539 The Rectangle

Meet my friend Sarah! Sarah has an athletic physique with toned arms and legs. Rectangles have a straight body with little curve. The goal to dressing shape is to define the waist and create curves. Here she is wearing an a-line dress and I cinched in her waist with a belt. We topped her off with a scarf to balance the bottom of the dress to create curves.

Tops with ruffles, embellishments, and blazers will look nice on you. Tops that flow at the bust will give the appearance of a larger bust. Make sure to avoid vertical patterns, form fitting tops, and square necks. When choosing pants go for something form fitting and avoid something to wide legged or baggy.  Belts are your friend, they help define your waist as shown. When you can show off your arms, strapless styles will help accentuate your rocking bod!

IMG_95322. The Apple

Lauren is killing it in this cobalt blue shift dress. Apples typically are big busted with great legs. (Flaunt it) This dress gives her a great waist and the v-neck flatters the girls.

Apples should avoid ruffles and embellishments they will take away from the bust. Do wide straps and v-necks on top that are slightly fitted. Make sure that your jackets and tops end at the hip. The idea is to accentuate your best features and balance your top half with your bottom. If you are searching for pants or skirts look for a straight lines or slightly flared. You will learn to love the empire waistline because it cinches you in and flares creating a more balanced line. When belting an ensemble use a wider style belt they are more flattering on you.

IMG_95403. The Pear

Oh Emma, my sweet little sister. Her bust is smaller compared to her booty which, makes her a pear(work it girl). Like, the apple the purpose is to balance the top half and the bottom. Emma is wearing this flattering black empire dress paired with a scarf to balance the top.

Avoid shapeless tops or shirts that have decorative patterns that end at the bottom, they draw the wrong attention to your hips. On top do more fitted tops that are v-neck or u-shaped. You can nip in your waist by wearing cropped jackets. If you are an apple I would suggest wearing dark wash jeans with either a boot cut or straight leg. The darker denim will be more flattering on your booty. Wrap dresses and a-line skirts will also flatter your figure. Avoid pencil skirts or capris they will make you look choppy.

IMG_95254. The Hourglass

Hourglasses have a pretty even balance of bust and booty with a defined waist. Here I am wearing a peplum top which flatters the waist with straight legged turquoise pants. One with an hourglass shape should wear appropriately form fitting clothes but, not night club tight.

Scoop and v-neck tops that sit on your waist look great on this frame. Hourglasses should avoid wearing slouchy clothing like, empire waistlines or baby doll tops because they tend to hide your fabulous features. In the case that you own an over-sized top, belt it to define your waist. For bottoms steer away from anything overly short. Bottoms that will look lovely on you include a-lines, pencil skirts, and jeans that are fitting around the hips and waist.


Well ladies I hope these tips and tricks help you dress to flatter your body. We all have different body types, each with their own fabulous assets that should be embraced and celebrated. As women, we beat ourselves up by getting consumed by the numerical digit on the tag of our pants. Newsflash: each brand or line cuts their garments by different specifications. This means that you could be a 2 in one pair of jeans and an 8 in another, this is okay. I have garments in my closet ranging between sizes 2-10 but, I know that each brand or even style is cut differently which, is why I pay no attention to size. Purchase what fits and flatters your body. Don't convince yourself to make the "I am going to loose 10lbs to fit into this" purchases because 8/10 times it doesn't happen and you could have invested that money into something else. Dress for you, dress for your body now. If you are stuck on the number on your tags, I invite you to cut them off because they don't matter.

Till next time dolls. Stay sassy :)