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fash-logo Happy Monday Fash Dolls! As I celebrated the Fashology second blogiversary last week I decided to put this little survey together. Help me, help you. I want to make sure that I am delivering you awesome content that you want to read. Please take a couple short minutes to complete the survey in the link below.

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Thank you in advance babes, I really appreciate your time! I started this blog to inspire women to establish a wardrobe they feel most confident in & to dare my readers to try new trends in their own & unique way. You are beautiful & so special, don't ever forget that!

Well dolls we'll chat more tomorrow.

Stay Sassy + God Bless!

Gigi xo

25 Things to Complete in 1 Year

Hi Dolls! Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the blog! Time sure flies when you are having fun. Each year I found that I had to take a couple months off for my own sanity but I finally feel like I've been able to find a blog, home, work, life balance. This past year has been wild between getting married, buying a house, gaining a furry family member, & my health. I am looking forward to the 3rd year of the blog. I thought that it would be cool to create a list of 25 things I would like to accomplish this year. Let's get started.
  1. Get to New York Fashion Week
  2. Host a Blogger event
  3. Go to Portugal
  4. Collaborate with 5 new brands or bloggers
  5. Finish the bible
  6. Finish my office/closet
  7. Write a business plan for store
  8. Get my colitis in remission
  9. Make 3 new blogging gal pals
  10. Start book
  11. Host housewarming party
  12. Share my testimony
  13. Volunteer at a food pantry
  14. Finally gigi-ify my desk at work
  15. Run 3 5k's
  16. Read 3 books
  17. Take a spontaneous day trip
  18. Try not to take a break from blogging no longer than 2 weeks
  19. Mentor someone in their walk
  20. Go zip lining
  21. Start styling side business
  22. Missions Trip
  23. Get my own DSLR camera
  24. Join an affiliate program like Reward Style
  25. Do one kind act each month

Wish me luck, I really hope I can accomplish all these things this year! I started this blog to inspire women to embrace themselves & express themselves in a confident way thru clothing! I look forward to meeting more wonderful people this year!

To celebrate you fabulous fash dolls I am running am instagram giveaway starting today September 6th at 6:00pm, I will announce the winner Thursday 9/8 at 9:00am. Go on with your bad self & enter, find us on instagram @fashology.

Well dolls till next time!

Stay Sassy & God Bless!

Gigi xo

A Complete List of our Wedding Vendors

June 24th, 2016 was the best day of life thus far, I married my best friend. The day went off without a hitch. This couldn't have been accomplished with out our amazing vendors! If you are in MA here is a complete list of vendors we used which I highly recommend.

The center pieces & decorations were found at Michael's & Christmas Tree Shop. I also got a few things from Hobby Lobby. Each one of our vendors was fabulous. I had been in sales for 6 years and nothing drives me more insane than an over bearing sales person. Each vendor was easy going & a pleasure to work with, a lot of them even texted which was extremely convenient.

If you are a bride to be pay one of these vendors a visit or phone call, you won't regret it. Know someone getting married feel free to share this list!

Till next time dolls.

Stay sassy + God Bless!

Gigi xo


Sorry Lulu

Sorry (not sorry) Lulu, Lulu Lemon. Not that I am hating on Lulu Lemon I actually really like their product but dang those prices are killing a new homeowners budget! This active look is brought to you by T.J. Maxx!

If you have been following you know that I got married in June & bought a home at the beginning of the month. Needless to say I have been on a budget for sometime. I have staples which I have spent more money on. But when it comes to my activewear I tend to not spend as much. They get sweaty, go thru the wash all the time,and just get beat up. T.J. Maxx & Marshalls carries affordable activewear that fits in in my budget.

To get into shape for the wedding I really got into barre. It was easy on my back (I slipped a disc) & toned me up. I facilitated this with running & playing soccer!

I don't consider myself a health freak but I think it is important to exercise regularly & eat healthy (I try to stick to 80/20). I find that when I stick to this I feel more energized!

Well fash dolls till next time!

Stay Sassy + God Bless.

Gigi xo

Pucker Up-LipSense

Honestly I am not a cosmetics guru. My daily make up routine consists of moisturizer, bare minerals, mascara, & chap stick, eye shadow on a good day. But I found a lip gloss that has been absolutely amazing, LipSense. It doesn't smudge or rub off & it's waterproof! I can literally put it on & within seconds of drying give my husband a kiss. It won't rub off on his lips so we both won't be wearing it.

The color I am sporting is cappuccino but there are plenty of other colors to choose from. To get the best look apply 3 coats of color between each time let the color dry 3-5 seconds. Then apply a coat of gloss! You are then good to go for the day. I accidently slept in mine once. When applying color you may feel tingling the first few times but this will subside.

You can purchase each piece separately or a starter kit bundle. The starter kit includes a color, gloss, and oops lip color remover. Also available separately is the moisturizing lip balm which also works wonders.

I got my kit from K Posh Boutique get one here & receive 15% off by using my coupon code >GIGI15<.

Give this a shot for yourself! If you have beauty suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments. I am also open to trying new things.

Till next time dolls! Stay Sassy + God Bless.

Gigi xo


Real Wedding Ceremony Tunes

June 24th, 2016 was easily the best day of my life. I said "I do" & married my best friend. Over the past year & a half we put in a countless amount of time planning this special day. It went by in a flash. I thought I had my i's dotted & t's crossed when it dawned on me 2 weeks before the wedding I had no clue what I was going to be walking down the aisle to, oops.

In a panic I had begun to research ceremony songs. I emailed my DJ asking a million & 5 questions. I had an idea of what I wanted but 2 weeks away from the big day I had to figure it out! Generally you need 3 songs for a ceremony: one the bridal party & family walks down to, the bride's entrance, & the recessional for when the bride & groom accompanied by the bridal party & family exits the ceremony.

See below our song selection for our ceremony.

  1.  Bridal Party- Only in Time (Instrumental)-Enya
  2. Bride- Canon D-Pachelbel
  3. Recessional- Wedding March- Fleix Mendelssohn

These aren't the only options you have to chose from! If you are a bride-to-be use this for inspiration. We wanted something more classical for the ceremony but maybe you & your spouse are more modern or contemporary. This is a special time & your day should reflect your relationship. We had our DJ play at our ceremony maybe you want a string quartet. The beautiful thing about planning your wedding is that it is about what you want! Don't be afraid to ask questions either, your vendors are there to help you.

Well dolls till next time! Stay sassy & God bless.

Gigi xo


Hello Old Friend(s)

Hello old friends...& new friends! It may seem like I have fallen off the face of the planet seeing how I haven't posted in about 5 months but with good reason. There has been a lot of good happening but there has also been some less than fab things happening that all kind of consumed my time.

On June 24th, 2016 I married my best friend. This day was easily the best day of my life but there was a boat load of planning and appointments along the way! I was never that girl that dreamed of her wedding & not that I didn't enjoy the planning process (because I did) it was just a lot. I was of course looking forward to our special day but I had my mind set on the happily ever after with Ricky.

Not only did I go from Miss to Mrs. we have been trying to buy a house which if you have gone thru the process yourself you know its not easy. If you haven't, you have heard your friends & family probably complain about it. We would see a house online, call our realtor to set up a showing, & by the end of the day there was an offer accepted on the house we wanted to see. We officially put in an offer on the perfect mermaid grotto & are on track to close by the end of the month.

On top of those two wonderful yet crazy things I was diagnosed with colitis in April, a little TMI but I want to be transparent. With everything going on & finding this out I was drained. Unfortunately the blog had to take a back seat. I needed to focus on these life changes & taking care of myself. Life can be crazy, especially being from New England I am accustomed to being on the run. I have learned that sometimes you need to take a step back say no to things & take care of your mind, body, & soul.

Last weekend Ricky & I welcomed a new addition to our little family, Audrey Hepburn Williams. She is about 12 pounds & is the most precious German Shepard puppy. Her paws are too big for her body so she is a little clumsy but she will grow into them. She is already a daddy's girl.

I am still trying to figure out my health situation but as the dust settles with everything else I am back to blogging. I couldn't be happier! I am feeling more inspired than ever. Thank you all for reading today and those of you that have read since the commencement  of this site. I can't even believe that it has been 2 years in September.

Cheers to the future!

Stay Sassy & God Bless,

Gigi XO

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Just a few Things About Tattoos

IMG_5182 As tattoo enthusiast I find myself from time to time answering many of the same questions regarding ink. I am no way a tattoo artist but an individual that has a few to say the least. Here we go.

Did it hurt?

Heck yes it hurt. A tattoo is permanent so a tattoo artist has to engrave your skin with a needle in some cases hours at a time. From my experience spots that have hurt the least include the base of my neck, wrists, and shoulder blade. My foot and ribs have been most painful.

FullSizeRender (4)Won't you regret it when your older?

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and still love it. I like to think I won't regret my ink when I am older but I strategically placed my tattoos so they are easy to cover up. Each piece of art means something special to me commemorating a certain part of my life. So no I won't regret them and even in the slight chance that I will, you won't know.

Will you be able to get a job?

Of course I will be able to get a job, I am employed now and am able to keep a steady position. I am not a convict, I work in an office. At first glance most people don't even know I have tattoos. As mentioned prior I have placed my tattoos so they are easy to cover if need be for a job interview. I am not ashamed of my tattoos by any means but I personally believe that I should keep them to myself especially for an interview. Luckily I am in a field of work that promotes self expression.

How did you decide on what you wanted? I could never like something that much.IMG_0895

Well seeing how I have a few there are many reasons why I got tattoos. My younger sister and I got the matching roman numeral III on the back of our necks to represents the two of us and our brother. It may seem stupid to others but seeing how both of our parents are divorced and remarried one thing that will always remain is the 3 of us. But I also know some people get tattoos just for kicks, to each their own.

Whether you are a fan of tattoos or not everyone is entitled to their own opinion. People with tattoos don't look at inkless people and say "Look at that person they have no tattoos, they are a weirdo freak." If they aren't your thing that's fine but one should respect another's life choice, but that's just me. Well I hope you enjoyed this! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below. Till next time.

Stay Sassy + God Bless xo

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Just a Few Things About the Fashion Industry

FullSizeRenderI often find myself in conversations regarding what I do. I am an assistant buyer at a women's clothing catalog and prior to that I was a manager/assistant buyer at a women's boutique. Being in the fashion industry for about 6 years here are some fun facts. It is not all glitz and glamour. You Need Degree

Just like any other field one must complete a degree to get an entry level position. There are always a handful of exceptions to this but the fashion industry is competitive and most times a degree is mandatory. By schooling I don't mean the "History of Polka Dots" class mentioned in Legally Blonde. I received my bachelor's of science in Fashion Merchandising, this included classes such as history of fashion, product development, consumer behavior-the list goes on. To be in the fashion industry you need to understand the consumer to be able to properly deliver what they desire. Heck, I wrote my senior thesis on reviving manufacturing in the USA. Try glamourizing that.

You have to do the Dirty Work to get to the TopFullSizeRender (2)

Before my promotion at the boutique I was a Sales Associate. Aside from assisting customers I had to steam boxes of clothes, clean the bathrooms, take out the trash etc.  As mentioned I then got promoted where I gained more responsibility and experience. That was when I started to go to NYC for buying trips. Now that I have graduated college and begun my new job at the catalog I find myself working up from the bottom again, making copies and entering products. This isn't a new concept, like any other field you need to gain the experience to get to the top.

FullSizeRender (1)Buying Trips are Rather Exhausting

I think buying is one of my favorite aspects of the job but these trips are rather exhausting. Picture it 3 days of work, running from showrooms to shows and making appointments. Not only are you trying to find the perfect merchandise to fit your customer base but there are a million other things you need to think about like when is the product going to come in, how much over stock do you anticipate you'll have to take a mark down on, how can you market this to your customer, what kind of promotional email should you send out, what kind of profit margin will you be able to accomplish. How about deciphering between your personal style and the consumers. By the time you get back to the hotel room your head has been spinning a million miles a minute and all you want to do is crash just to get up and do it again the following day. Then the desire to shop for yourself seems to diminish.

Sometimes you Prefer Mannequins Over PeopleFullSizeRender (3)

Don't get me wrong I have loved everyone I have worked with and for but sometimes you prefer mannequins over people. In a field mainly run by the female sex you can only imagine the issues created by estrogen. It is important to keep in mind not to take things personally and to develop a back bone real quick.

I hope you learned some things about the industry. Although I absolutely adore my job and the industry I find myself battling a lot of misconceptions. I got in this industry because I wanted to teach women to dress for themselves and their beautiful figure in turn giving them the confidence they deserve. This goal is what keeps me going. Till Saturday dolls, enjoy the rest of your week.

Stay Sassy & God Bless xo

P.S. I hope you also enjoyed my mediocre iPhone pics LOL

How I Tame my Mane

shampooBetween blow drying, straightening, and curling my hair there is no doubt that it takes a beating. My hair definitely needs assistance from a few friends other than my hair dresser. Lets get to it. Shampoo + Conditioner - I have fine and thin hair. When I told my hair dresser that I wanted to put a blonde ombre in my hair I was told that I could potentially kill my hair. She suggested this shampoo and conditioner it is sulfate free and perfect for colored hair. I wash my hair every other day with this combo.

its a 10

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product- This spray is my ends saving grace. Also recommended by my hair dresser, I spritz a smidge of this on before blow drying my hair. This keeps my hair smooth and prevents my ends from splitting. My hair takes a lot of heat and this is a definite hair care must have.

Dove Hairspray- I absolutely love this hairspray. Some hairsprays I have used in the past were too strong but this keeps my hair soft while keeping it intact. It also smells lovely!

dove hairsparyDove Dry Shampoo- This dry shampoo helps me get another day out of my hair. Like I said earlier I have thin hair so washing my hair every other day is a stretch. I can accomplish this wash cycle by using this dry shampoo! It is super easy to use. Simply shake, spray, and brush into your hair. You would never know!

dry shampooMy hair can get a little wild and it takes a beating but with the help of these products it still survives. If you have thin fine hair like me I hope this helps and even if you have fabulous luscious locks these will help you too! Till next time dolls.

Stay Sassy xo

Exciting New Project Annoncement!

style advisor Hi dolls, I have exciting news! You are looking at your new style advisor for TrendAge! I bet you're  thinking, "What the heck is this?!" Well Trendage is a website and app which you can create clothing looks. As a style advisor I give tips on how to wear certain pieces. Feel free to check out the site here TrendAge. Try some outfit combos of your own to get some fashion inspiration and check out my styling tips!

Tune in Saturday for a new post. I am really excited to share it with you.

As always thank you for reading and for your support. If you need instant tips follow me on twitter @fasgology101 or on facebook. I am always happy to give advice or answer questions :)

Just a little note

IMG_4569 Hello friends! Long time, no post. There are certain times that one finds life getting in the way. Since my last post, some amazing things have happened. First of which was  beginning my new employment opportunity in the fashion industry. I have been learning a lot and it has been a wonderful experience which I hope to share with you along the way. A week after starting my new venture I got engaged! It was such a pleasant surprise. As you could imagine, starting a new career, on top of planning a wedding, could drive anyone mad. Now that I have settled into my job and the wedding planning has calmed down, I am ready to produce more helpful fashion advice! I am here to help you establish a wardrobe fit for your body and personality. I am not here by any means to tell you what to wear. I am here to inspire you to be the best you can be!

Now this wouldn't be Fashology without talking fashion! Here is a little peak of my engagement pictures with Ricky. I wanted to wear something that represented my personality; feminine yet playful. The tank top is from Marshalls and the tulle skirt is from Tobi, completing the ensemble with Converse Chuck Taylors.

Stay tuned for lots of fun to come! In the meantime keep up with us on social media!

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Stay Sassy xo