Rules are meant to be broken!


Greetings dolls! Rules are meant to be broken, fashion rules. (I am not talking about laws or anything that will get you in some sort of trouble) One goes thru life hearing that they can't wear white after labor day, don't wear brown & black, pearls are for older women, don't wear heels with your maxi skirt, the list goes on. Well I love a good pearl and you know I'm only 5'2 so you bet I will wear heels with my maxi skirt to look taller. I am here today to invite you to break any fashion rule you want!


Working in the fashion industry for many years I've noticed that there is a very small window to sell white apparel which happens to be in the summer. Personally, I feel that this is attributed to the fashion myth that you can't wear white after Labor Day. This is horse hockey! Wearing white in the winter is very refreshing which is a breath of fresh air during the drab days. In the early spring months an all white ensemble is a feminine and whimsical look. This was actually a trend noticed on fashion week spring 2015 runways. Mix your whites with camels to exude a chic vibe!

Don't be afraid to break fashion rules. Remember that fashion is about dressing yourself to express who YOU are and to be confident while doing so. Have fun with it! Well that concludes this week's post. Be you because you are fabulous.

Stay Sassy xo

{Pants-Forever 21, Booties-Steve Madden, Top & Spoon Ring-Daisy Riley, Blazer-Chadwick's, Bag-H&M, Daisy Ring-Pandora}