Fashion Lovers: Here’s Where to Head on Your Next Vacation

Greetings lovelies! I met Brianne at a blogger event back in the fall. She is a travel blogger and I have asked her to write us a little something. Enjoy xo


Everyone knows that Paris, London and New York are where fashion lovers flock. But if you’ve already strolled through the Tuileries, cruised down the Thames and caught a show on Broadway, don’t worry, there are still plenty of other stylish cities around the world to explore.

While most of my travels take me to places where I fit right in with my well-loved flip flops and fleece, every now and then, it’s fun to spend a few days browsing boutiques and sipping pricy cocktails. So here are three cities I recommend considering for your next getaway, which all offer the perfect blend of culture, entertainment and sophistication.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is hands-down one of my favorite cities in the world. With sidewalk cafes, wide boulevards, well-landscaped parks, and classical architecture that reflects French and Italian styles, I felt like I was in a European capital – that was, until I saw couples tango-ing in the streets.

Since I was traveling with fashionable friends, we stayed in Palermo Viejo, which is the heart of the city’s fashion scene. Its tree-lined streets are packed with stores offering a wide range of styles from local designers and high-end international brands.

Another hot shopping district is Recoleta, which is also where one of the top tourist spots, Recoleta Cemetary, is located. If you get tired of browsing, you can pay your respects to international style icon Eva Peron at her final resting place.

Fortunately we were in Buenos Aires over a weekend, so we were able to explore the massive Sunday market in San Telmo – the oldest neighborhood in the city. Each week, the main street is closed to traffic, and locals and tourists jam the streets to browse jewelry, crafts, antiques, and much more.

Luxembourg City upper town

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I had always wanted to visit Luxembourg – all I really knew, however, was that it was a small, wealthy country with lots of castles. And since it’s not a stop on the typical European tourist circuit, it seemed romantic and mysterious to me. So following a friend’s wedding in the French Alps, I took a train from Geneva up to Luxembourg City – through some incredibly breathtaking scenery – to finally check it out.

Just as I’d imagined, I instantly fell in love. I stayed with a wonderful young couple in their newly renovated apartment near in the train station, and I enjoyed the city – and their company – so much that I ended up extending my stay. However, it was only a few minutes after I headed out on my first morning there that I regretted my outfit, which definitely screamed, “tourist!” Much to my surprise, everyone I passed looked completely flawless – it was obvious that “Luxembourgers” take a great deal of pride in their appearance, even as they are rushing to work.

The city’s stunning Old Town is divided into two sections – “upper town” and “lower town” – a massive network of walking and biking trails connect the two through parks and past old churches, castles and fortifications. I spent most of my time, though, casually wandering around and people watching in upper town – the pedestrian area is a tight maze of upscale cafes and restaurants, art galleries and antique stores, and boutiques filled with the hottest European brands.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur feeling tired and looking a little shabby after about a month of backpacking through Cambodia and Vietnam. I knew right away that I had to step up my game.

My friends and I shared an ultra-modern AirBnB apartment in the main retail center – Golden Triangle, which was a far cry from the hostels I had grown accustomed to during that trip. The neighborhood’s sophisticated residents hailed from around the world and enjoyed a very high standard of living amid the high-end boutiques, hotels and restaurants (I kept saying it was like London with palm trees).

There are plenty of enormous malls to choose from in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, the city’s most visible landmark, the Petronas has a popular mall at its base, the Suria KLCC (we actually got lost in another mall trying to get to that mall to see Hunger Games III).

If you want a scene that’s a little more authentic, however, you can head to one of the city’s popular street markets. Petaling Street is jammed with stalls selling everything from knockoff handbags to traditional handicrafts. Kasturi Walk has second-hand clothes and books, while Chow Kit Market has souvenirs and art. One fun memory from Chow Kit Market was watching dozens of Muslim women jostling for space in a narrow upstairs hallway as they tore through piles of headscarves – it reminded me of a more colorful “running of the brides.”


Brianne Miers is based in Boston, MA (USA) but has traveled to nearly 50 countries. By day, she is the principal at Kind Communications, working with nonprofits and start-ups. Her blog, A Traveling Life, focuses on how to balance a career with a life of travel.

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Greetings fabulous readers! I apologize for my absence, last minute I decided to disconnect while on vacation. Although I came home to a blizzard here in MA I got to recharge my batteries, feeling extremely inspired. Brace yourselves for awesome and helpful material! The last post included tips on packing your vacation ensembles, today we will cover what exactly to bring in your carry-on. Let's get to it!

Choosing your carry-on

Most airlines allow you to bring a carry-on bag and a purse. I like to use my Vera Bradley Weekender carry-on, it has an opening on the back of the bag allowing travelers to put the weekended over the handles of your rolling luggage. It also has an adjustable strap for easy carrying once your luggage is checked. This particular bag is in a subtle yet noticeable pattern making it easy to keep tabs on. When deciding on which carry-on bag to take make sure it is easy to use, fits in the over head compartments or under the seat, and fits the carry-on requirements of the airline you are flying with.

What goes in your carry-on?25

This can vary based on the type of trip you are going on, business or leisure. Regardless of the trip it is always wise to pack a spare outfit, a small tube of toothpaste and toothbrush, and any valuables like fine jewelry in case your luggage gets lost. When traveling for business you maybe packing your entire trip attire in your carry-on accompanied with your laptop. I always make sure to keep chargers for my electronics on me to prevent forgotten items. To pass time on your flight bring a book or a couple magazines. Make sure before you leave the house that you have the proper identification like a state issued ID for domestic travel in the United States or a passport for international adventures. Make sure you arrive to the airport 2 hours prior to take off this will give you enough time to check-in your luggage and into your flight, get your boarding pass, and go thru security.

photo (19)

When dressing to travel I like to be comfortable yet put together. I suggest wearing layers to be comfortable on the plane based on your personal preference.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful! If you have further questions feel free to visit my facebook page or shoot me an email Have fun adventures and safe travels!

Stay sassy xo

P.S. Check out this picture from my vacation to Los Angeles, CA! I had a blast with my girls Chanelle and Bianca. One of them will be quest writing on Fashology soon :)