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jan 2016 giveaway.jpg Happy New Year dolls! I personally want to wish you a happy, healthy, and fabulous year. I thought that we could kick this year off with a giveaway! These fabulous gold tone earrings will be given to one lucky winner. How to enter? Easy, start by going onto your Instagram and going to our page @fashology101 then follow the steps bellow:

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Scarf Staples


Looking to update your wardrobe but not trying to break the bank? Scarves are definitely a solution to your problem. Scarves range in price and are available in a wide range of styles and fabrications. Not only is there a surplus of scarves attainable by an exchange of currency but there is also a variety of ways to tie these versatile accessories. Each way to wear can elevate your ensemble and make your outfit look different. I have pictured 3 different ways to tie a scarf.


The Basic Loop

This style is the most common and simple way to tie a scarf. Drape 1/4 of the scarf and take the remaining 3/4 and wrap it around your neck and let the other end drape. An effortless and chic look!


The Vest Editors note-I am using the same scarf throughout this entire post. How cool is this vest look? And it can be accomplished by the same scarf used in the basic loop. To accomplish this look start by folding your scarf in half then tie the folded end with the ends of the scarf. This will create armholes, simple throw it on and go!


The Pretzel

This scarf tie is the most complex out of the three. Take your scarf in half then take one end and pull it thru the loop. Then take the second end and go under thru the loop. Adjust accordingly. This look is cozy and draws the attention closer to the neck. You would want to use this style when wearing a simple top.

I hope these steps help and if you have any questions feel free to email me at, I am happy to answer any questions. As a bride-to-be on a tight budget I know personally I have been utilizing the versatility of scarves to elevate my wardrobe. Have fun with it and happy shopping! Till next time dolls.

Stay Sassy + God Bless xo

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The Wolfepack is Back




When a backpack comes to mind the first thing that crosses ones mind is a school bag filled with books, binders, and pens. One of the hottest trends that is here to stay is the backpack. They are no longer just an item for school kids but, a fabulous and functional accessory for the ladies. They are a great update to a handbag and allow for hands free adventuring. I am smitten with this bag, the wolfepack by Gina deWolfe. This Boston designer hand crafts each piece out of genuine leather hides. The style is minimalistic making it versatile piece with impeccable quality. The wolfepack is an investment piece that is a wardrobe addition made to last. This bag will add instant chic to any ensemble.

I paired the wolfepack with this asymmetric dress, studded boots, and a faux leather jacket. I can't bring myself to wear tights just yet. This dress is flattering to my shape and these boots are my favorite. The combination of the wolfepack and boots adds edge to this look.

Feel free to check out Gina deWolfe's website and get a wolfepack of your own, you won't regret it! If you want to dip your toes into the backpack trend search for one that suits you, they are out there. But like I said this one is hard to pass up! Whatever you add to your wardrobe make sure it fits your style personality, lifestyle, and budget. Keep in mind that any good handbag is an investment and with any purchase make sure you will be getting a good cost per wear. Till next week dolls. Happy shopping!

Stay Sassy xo

{Jacket-Forever 21, Dress-Sympli the Best, Boots-Steve Madden, Wolfepack-Gina deWolfe}

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The Art of Accessorizing!


Hello dolls! I apologize for the hiatus. Recently I accepted a new position as an assistant buyer for a catalog company. I have been working hard learning this new job and on top of that I got engaged! It has been an exciting few weeks but I've missed my fashionistas! What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a collaboration!

The art of accessorizing is critical to any female's wardrobe. (Especially if you are on a tight budget because now you're saving for a wedding and a house. Face palm) Accessorizing can update any look without breaking the bank. I am wearing an all black ensemble to illustrate the power of jewels! (Whether they are real or costume) These chandelier earrings are absolutely stunning! The green stones are complimented with a touch of gold. When wearing statement earrings like these I suggest pulling your hair back so they will actually be seen. I am a sucker for anything anchor so this double anchor ring is a must have. The best part is that each piece is ONLY $5.00! That is right, I updated this all black look for only $10.00! Check out these pieces and many more at Clubbing Girl { } ! I am a fan of fine jewelry but can't afford to stock my collection with it. Coco Chanel taught us to mix fine and costume jewelry to help enhance the apparel items in our closet. The look pictured is great for any weekend adventure and can be changed with accessories like pearls and heels which would be appropriate for a more formal occasion.


For more tips on accessorizing give my post "Exercise Your Right to Accessorize" a read, it can be found in my archives! While you're at it visit my friends at to pick up some fun and fabulous fashions. They ship anywhere in the USA for free! As always it has been a pleasure :)

Stay Sassy xo

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{Blazer-Macy's, T-Shirt-Charlotte Russe, Jeggings-American Eagle, Flats-DSW}


Excerise your right to Accessorize

IMG_0213IMG_0227IMG_0234IMG_0210 Accessories are fun and fabulous way to update your wardrobe. Coco Chanel paved the way for women to wear a combination of both costume and fine jewelry. For those that I may have lost, costume jewelry is the inexpensive items that you would get at Charming Charlie's while, fine jewelry is  made of gold, silver, and precious stones that you would typically purchase from a jeweler. Fine jewelry is an investment whereas costume jewels are not (perfect if you are a fashionista on a budget). Accessories can make or break an outfit and it can get tricky deciphering the difference between doing too much or not enough. I had many lovely readers ask me to cover this topic so, I hope you enjoy!

1. Bracelets vs. SleevesIMG_0243

Every ensemble does not need a matching necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings. Some tops have detailed sleeves whether it be buttons, zippers, or the design which you would not be needing a bracelet. In this case you do not want the bracelet and sleeve detail to compete, wearing a bracelet with a cool sleeve masks the embellishments creating a vision of wrist clutter. Opting out of wearing a bracelet with funky sleeves showcases the details. Bracelets are meant to make a statement so wear them with shirts with simple sleeves. There is a variety of bracelets available in different widths, shapes, colors, and textiles. One could wear a single bracelet or stack a few!

IMG_02232. Necklaces + Earrings = How to achieve Chic Combination

Throughout many years of assisting women with clothing and accessories I have found that a common misconception is that ladies feel the need to wear matching necklace and earring sets. Ladies, this is not the 1920's not everything has to match perfectly, mix it up! I have also encountered the over accessorizer, she wears both a statement necklace and statement earrings. With your ears and neck being close in vicinity there is only room for one statement. Pictured is a statement necklace with petite stud earrings; the main focus is the necklace. For another chic look choose to wear statement earrings paired with a more subtle necklace. To make a bold earring presentation, pull your hair back so they can actually be seen.

3. Take  it off Before you Leave

IMG_0247As a good rule of thumb, I like to tell my customers to take off at least one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. This is a good habit to practice because it prevents looking over done. The purpose of accessories is to enhance and update the outfit that you are wearing not to take away from it. You may discover that you like to wear a ton of jewelry and that is okay! If it is part of your fashion sense and is true to who you are embrace it. Others may like understated jewelry and may not need to practice this rule. Only you know what is best for yourself, this is just a helpful tip!

I also encourage you to  mix gold and silver jewelry! It is a fabulous look and there are many two tone pieces available to purchase. Don't be afraid to layer necklaces or stack bracelets with your watch, just make sure you have a balance. Maybe you want to wear all the jewelry you own, that is cool too. Just be sure to confidently express who you are because you rock! I hope that you found these accessorizing tips helpful! Till next time dolls.

Stay Sassy xo

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Falling for Maxi Skirts

15295562309_2608354f2c_o15479309151_135e2a630c_o15295885077_f25a4f1d3c_o 15482090872_1b7b72d4b2_o15295551559_da7fc80640_o15479315781_ae2a9851b7_o15295807118_a68ebe61c4_o

Maxi skirts are like crotch-less yoga pants except they exude elegance. I have always loved the maxi skirt (or dress) look and felt that I could never pull it off due to the fact that I am vertically challenged. One spring day I found myself at an Express taking a fashion risk, I had purchased my first maxi skirt. These skirts are chic yet comfortable and to your surprise can be worn year-round. As customers we invest money into our clothing; I believe that we should get the most wear out of these purchases. Pictured is my maxi skirt and t-shirt, an outfit typically worn in the warmer months with sandals. Here I transitioned my beloved maxi for fall by pairing it with my military green jacket, scarf, and wedged heels. Layers are important for the fall, the mornings can start out frigid and end warmer than anticipated. To bring your maxi thru the colder months add a cardigan, jacket, or accessorize with combat boots or ankle booties. Prevent cold legs by wearing tall socks or tights, nobody will be aware you have them on and you'll stay toasty warm. The maxi skirt is a versatile item to have and is a new wardrobe staple. The wearer has the ability to dress it up or down based on the occasion. I hope that those who don't have a maxi discover one that fits their fashion personality and those that already own one find these tips helpful to get their moneys worth!

Happy Dressing! Stay sassy xo

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