Fashology Favorite: Vela

dan and anaVela in Latin means sails of a ship. Voted South Shore Magazine's "Best Juice Bar 2015" and opening a second location in under a year of business, there is no denying the success Vela has experienced. Ana Dabrowski and Dan Anthony are co-founders and owners of Vela Juice Bar located in the heart of downtown Plymouth. They are known for their smoothies, juices, and snacks made of fresh fruits and vegetables, no added sugars. As a Vela customer myself I have enjoyed many smoothies and energy bites. For a wake me up I have had the wheatgrass shot. The most interesting item I have tried is their juice cleanse. You can do it for 1-6 days and at $55 per day you've got to try it. My cleanse was for one day, I hadn't been eating the cleanest and I wanted to cleanse my body. The next day I woke up less bloated and more energized. Juicing isn't a fad diet to get yourself into that summer bikini, it is something to try year round to feed your body with the nutrients it needs.energy bites

Dan and Ana have been able to combine their love for sailing with healthy living. They had both been thinking about opening a juice bar separately. One day in June of 2014 the Plymouth natives had discovered that they had coincidently been eying the same space and dreaming of opening a juice bar. They opened their doors on December 29th, 2014 and just opened their second location at Live Life Believe (10 Cordage Park Cir #243) a local Plymouth gym. They had both been working in the cooperate world and left to pursue their dreams of promoting healthy living.

pumped upAna gives potential and current entrepreneurs some advice, "...following your passion is usually not easy. We all make up excuses of why not to move forward but it's worth it because it makes you happy." She goes on to say, "The fact of the matter is, for me and Dan, running a business is definitely not easy, but we wouldn't change it for the world. We know, and remind ourselves often, that if running a business was easy...everyone would do it. We took a chance and are not looking back..." This is the exact attitude that fuels a successful business. This outlook combined with a good staff and loss of sleep has brought them to where they are today.llb

If you are in the Plymouth area I encourage you to try Vela and one (or a few) of their items under $10.00. Go check out their new location ! Learn more about Vela by visiting their website velajuicebar.com. You can also find them on Instagram and twitter @velajuicebar.

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P.S. Visit Vela's first location at 71 Court St Plymouth, MA 02360.